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Download Special Remix Turn Around - The Cops R Coming - Remix

This special Caribbean remix was made on request of VanBKing.Com by the same producers of the single "Turn Around".

The following songs are not compressed at CD quality so we will not get in trouble with the composer's copyrights.


 Follow The Leader
 The Soca-Gang
There Is A Party Going On
 Are You Ready To Soca Jam
 Hey Baby
 Move It
 Reggae Music
 Baby Stay With Me
 Don't Do That
 Bahia Tropical
 Bumpin' Keep On Bumpin'
 Bumpin' (Olav Basoski Bump Around Remix)


 Mama Wants Party (Scoo-Wee-Doo )
 Follow The Leader ( De La Noche )
 Sigan A Lider ( De La Noche )
 Since I Saw That Girl
 Turn Around
 Cha Cha Slide
 Blaka Rowsu ( songtekst )