The Van B. King Story

The success story of The Soca Boys featuring Van B. King with the hit "Follow The Leader" has caught everybody's attention resulting in #1 chart positions around the world. In The Netherlands "Follow the leader" stood on #1 for four weeks and grew to a national anthem. So it was no surprise that Van B. King received a #1 TMF Award and a golden CD in the TV Show "Tout Fabienne".

Because of this, "Follow The Leader is not only found on the Soca Boys Album "The Album" but also on a lot of compilation albums. The popularity grew and Van B. King & dancers had over 400 concerts, radio & TV shows gathering thousands of new fans.

Not only "Follow the Leader" became a hit also the follow up singles "Bumpin'(Keep On Bumpin') & "The Soca Gang" became a hit. This shows at the various concerts where everybody joins in a sing-a-long. After the release of these three singles the long awaited album was released with a lot of other very danceable songs.

Then, after the album was released it was time to go on tour. The south of Europe received the voice and beats of Van B. King very well and it didn't take long before everybody was dancing to the Soca beat. But the biggest success came from South America where Van B. King was embraced and everywhere you went you heard that familiar beat. It was not even possible to just walk the street in Venezuela. Hysterical fans where everywhere because the Van B. King-mania had hit South America.

And as you thought that it couldn't get any bigger it was decided to record a Spanish version of Follow The Leader: "Signan Al Lider". The idea was perfect and "Signan Al Lider" became a big hit too. In Venezuela both songs where in the Top 5 for weeks. After Venezuela Colombia followed the leader and the single stood #1 for weeks.
It doesn't matter how long it takes after a while each country will be taken by Van B. King and the Soca Gang. It shows that even almost three years after the first release of "Follow The Leader" it still becomes a hit in various countries. (Africa, Australia, Canada, and many parts of South America)

Chacaron - SocaGangToday, with the release of the new single "Chacaron" Van B. King is climbing the charts again! Stay tuned for more news!

For now we leave you with this:
If you want to party join the Van B. King Gang!